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Transforming Mental Health

MQ use a technology that is advanced for the charity sector. When the previous agency MQ were using closed their development team, none of the ‘charity specialist’ software development providers had the skills to step in, which is why we approached GuideSmiths. Immediately, I was impressed not only by the sophistication of the projects they had previously undertaken but also by their level of interest and understanding of the charity. MQ are a small team and I have sole responsibility for the digital strategy, but with GuideSmiths, I feel supported like I have an extension to my team. When they (GuideSmiths) are asked to complete a project they always deliver on time and more often than not, they deliver far quicker than expected.

Their pricing is reasonable and they often come in under budget which is fantastic for a charity with limited resources. We’ve also been impressed with how proactive they have been. It is not part of their brief, nor something they are paid for, but they help with troubleshooting and they often come forward with suggestions for improvement and greater efficiency. They do this well because they really get what we do and what we are trying to achieve. With GuideSmiths, I feel like I am in a safe pair of hands.

Kathryn Excel

Head of Digital at MQ


Your MD is a tech start-up. They have created a service that uses Artificial Intelligence to help people find safe health information and assistance. They are a highly innovative company. Sam Lowe, CTO at Your MD says, “Because of what we are doing Your MD has a high level of technical skill in the company and it’s hard to find software development companies that have the technical skills as well as the product engineering processes to integrate with such a team. GuideSmith’s authentic engineering-first approach enables them to effectively augment and add to our operations, and they work with us rather than for us. They take time to understand our strategic goals and they foster a strong and honest relationship between our two businesses.

GuideSmiths focus on quality and although they are technically strong and work with very modern approaches, they take care to ensure anything they build is well founded, appropriate and any risks are known. They rapidly and collaboratively develop well engineered software, throughout proving clever and creative, but always pragmatic, with the solutions they offer.

Sam Lowe

CTO at Your MD


GuideSmiths were impressive from the outset. During the tender process, they demonstrated the quality of their technical skills and the alignment of their technology stack but it was their business critical thinking and innovative architecture skills that made them stand out.
Boyan continues, They initially completed a thorough fact-finding exercise to understand the challenge. Once this was completed they were able to understand the tech solution and the team blend required to deliver it. Their approach was truly agile and GuideSmiths understand agility concepts profoundly. The team delivered on the project in record time using React Native tech stack and also developed a state of the art replacement solution to address challenging limitations with one of our AWS Serverless implementations.
Their communication and documentation throughout the project was clear and understandable. They were completely transparent with the solution they created, which meant handover to our internal teams was simple. GuideSmiths provided valuable feedback on a continuous basis that enabled not only improvements on the way we worked together but also delivery efficiencies for our wider product roadmaps.

Boyan Siderov

Head of Delivery - British Gas Connected Homes


I have worked with many software development companies, but what made GuideSmiths different wasn’t their technical ability, that was a given, but their engagement and enthusiasm. From the very first meeting the team seemed genuinely excited and intrigued by the problem. They adopted a human approach and didn’t become obsessed by ‘the process”, they challenged our ideas, expressed opinions but not in an overbearing way and they delivered!

Paul Worthington

CXO Consultant, Wheatsheaf

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