Systems Integrators with the know-how for seamless integrations

We've built our own set of open source tools to create a 'plug and play' integration layer.

Rapid integration know-how

Systems integration is about bringing many diverse systems together and finding a way to make them talk to each other seamlessly. GuideSmiths have delivered all types of integrations, including but not limited too:

  • 20+ year old legacy monolithic applications to new platforms
  • Widely used CRM, Marketing, Finance, HR and other core applications

Many businesses find systems integration challenging, but at GuideSmiths, we embrace the task and have created a number of open source tools to help speed up the process.

Our aim is provide an integration layer that minimises client spend by providing a 'plug and play' capability, ensuring you can add new applications to your stack without worrying about re-investing in a completely new integration.

Tell us about your integration challenge and we'll come and help you find the quickest and safest way to build it.

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