Microservices are just a 'small' part of what we do

Many talk about microservices, but we've been building them for years for a number of high profile clients.

Scalability and flexibility with microservices

If you're not thinking about microservices, you should be. Microservices architecture essentially breaks down your applications into small manageable components. A microservice typically performs one function and performs it well.

We're always looking for the smallest amount of code to do the most for your business, but in a safe and practical fashion. Building a microservice may not be particularly challenging, but understanding how to do this at scale requires expertise.

GuideSmiths have years of collective experience in developing microservices and all of our developers understand the right way to architect, build and deploy microservices in a client context. We build microservices in nearly all of our projects, but here are a couple of recent examples - TES, Hive.

microservices1 microservices2

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