Legacy Migration needs patience and experience to succeed

Our team love a difficult migration project and have taken on some very tough migration challenges.

We love a legacy migration

One of the hardest things for a business is to break free of legacy applications and technology. To achieve this you need patient and experienced teams who understand the steps and stages required to migrate an application (and its data) on to modern technology in the safest possible way.

GuideSmiths has all the experience required to help your business throw off the shackles of legacy applications. We like to work with your internal experts to understand the existing legacy estate and help you traverse the right path whilst maintaining a focus on your budget and ROI. Here are some examples of projects where we have helped clients move away safely from decades old bespoke applications and transformed them into modern services - TES, Utility Warehouse

Our experienced developers genuinely embrace a legacy migration and love nothing more than rolling up their sleeves and diving into legacy code to find out what's under the covers!

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