MATCHESFASION.COM is one of the foremost multi-brand luxury fashion eCommerce sites in the world, and also one of the fastest growing eCommerce operations in Europe. Our rapid growth is driven by digital and directly enabled by technology – in the past 5 years we have gone from a small minority to over 85% of our sales being digital. So we have built a strong in-house tech team to drive this and were seeking an equally strong external team who could compliment and augment our internal development capabilities. In particular one who had sufficient skills in the very modern set of development technologies that we use. I spoke to a trusted peer and was recommended GuideSmiths.

In mid September it was agreed GuideSmiths would provide a solution to manage the flow of new products in our studio through all the stages they go through to be sellable online with all the information, content, imagery and video that our customers need. We set GuideSmiths a deadline to provide a robust, flexible and production ready solution in time for the peak of the next season, which was just six weeks away.

GuideSmiths created Studio Manager, a spreadsheet-like UI allowing a large number of users to update and filter many thousands of rows of data, concurrently and in real-time. We gave them a very challenging brief and the GuideSmiths team pulled out all the stops to get the right solution in place.

This was a big step in making our studio workflow more efficient and will allow us to scale the process commensurate with our rapid growth and get products online faster. Our Studio Production team are very happy with the results and we are looking forward to working with the GuideSmiths team again in the future.

Sam Lowe