Improving meat farming with disruptive technology


GuideSmiths rapidly built two prototype applications to provide the tools farmers need to streamline their supply chain.

The challenge

GuideSmiths were asked to rapidly build prototype applications to provide farmers the tools they need to streamline the agricultural supply chain.


The solution

The business proposition was that if ground truth events on farms (animal births, planting plans, feed, medicine, fertiliser, weed killers, etc.) could be captured and made available to downstream customers (food processors, retail supermarkets) in an audited, validated manner, about one third of the value currently lost in data handovers would be reclaimed. A blockchain solution was built and embedded into existing farm management apps, integrated into a multi-party open marketplace and further downstream to loyalty apps for supermarket customers. The apps were created specifically for smartphones and included farm dashboards and voice activated controls.

The tech

React Native smartphone applications deployed to AWS with Node.js and containerised in Docker

They adopted a human approach and didn’t become obsessed by ‘the process”, they challenged our ideas, expressed opinions but not in an overbearing way and they delivered!

Paul Worthington

CXO Consultant, Wheatsheaf

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