A complex technical challenge required our deeply skilled lean and focused team


Delivering a complex migration by diverting job ads from a legacy application with bespoke message queues.

The challenge

The TES teacher recruitment platform is TES’s flagship commercial product. It is used to advertise around 90% of all UK teaching roles but despite this being a remarkably high profile site a lack of investment in technology means that TES have used the same application stack for fourteen years. As a result, smaller competitors with more technologically innovative alternatives are starting to eat into the market. Thanks to our past success with the Teaching Resources project, TES have enlisted GuideSmiths to help address the new challenge and reverse this worrying trend.


The solution

Following the success of the Teaching Resources project, GuideSmiths are applying the same principles to re-build the teacher recruitment platform in a similar way. The services are cloud-based, and our team is building a queue-based integration layer that will enable job ads to be re-routed from the old system to the new platform. Another new piece of functionality is the asset management tool we are building that will enable schools to upload and store their logos and other assets, so they are ready for when they want to publish their job ads. All of this new and enhanced functionality is coming together to create a far more efficient system for both posting ads and responding to them.


The tech

AWS cloud based services using docker containers, Message based MSMQ / RabbitMQ integration layer for:

  • Salesforce accounts
  • Legacy Sales Order system (MSL)
  • Bespoke Jobs pages for job listings

SOLR based search application and an Asset Management upload tool to store and manage assets in AWS

We went from releasing every few months to multiple releases per day. I would recommend GuideSmiths to any prospective client.

Clifton Cunningham


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