Guiding a major UK pharmaceutical company to break free of monolithic processes


Guiding a giant pharmaceutical company to implement Continuous Integration within their GMP delivery process.

The challenge

A major pharmaceutical company (we're unable to name them for contractual reasons) were suffering from severely outdated and painful release cycles. GuideSmiths were drafted in to provide consultancy on how the client could embed Continuous Integration into software delivery with Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) controls. GuideSmiths were then drafted in to build three utilities in the first stage of productionising the prototype.


The solution

GuideSmiths built a working prototype of a GMP Continuous Integration process. The prototype encapsulated Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) and automatically produced artifacts that are stored in perpetuity and searchable via a SOLR search capability. The first pre-production deliverable was three Cucumber GMP utilities enabling automation of compliance related documentation.


The tech

  • For the prototype: Artifactory, GitHub, Docker, Groovy, Jenkins & SOLR
  • For the pre-production build: Java, Cucumber for the GMP run report
  • Gherkin Traceability Tag Generator & Gherkin Document Generator

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