Partnering with MQ: Transforming Mental Health makes us happy!


We partner with MQ and quietly knock project and site improvements off their roadmap on a regular basis.

The challenge

MQ were working with a Digital Agency who decided to close down their development team and were referred to GuideSmiths. MQ is a charity shining a light on mental health issues through funding scientific research. MQ required a technology partner to help with their tech roadmap, provide support on the best approach/ROI to delivering discreet projects and deliver them.


The solution

GuideSmiths provide resources to oversee the technical deliverables from the MQ roadmap and provide an understanding of how those tasks will be broken down and delivered, and for what cost. We provide direction for the optimal approach and construction of project delivery and work with MQ to keep within their budget criteria. In a typical month we will deliver one or two discreet projects. We also provide support for any security threats to the MQ platform if requested and recommend methods for negating security threats.

The tech

  • Deployed on to AWS with Node.js, React/Redux & MongoDB with microservices

When GuideSmiths are asked to complete a project they always deliver on time (...) they help with troubleshooting and they often come forward with suggestions for improvement and greater efficiency. They do this well because they really get what we do and what we are trying to achieve. With GuideSmiths, I feel like I am in a safe pair of hands.

Kathryn Excel

Head of Digital at MQ

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