17th October 2016

As well as tidying up your room, refactoring your code whenever it's needed is essential to make your code habitable.

13th April 2016

If one of the buzzwords of 2016 is microservices then the other is DevOps, but from what I see, read and hear, many teams are doing it wrong. To really 'get' DevOps you need to understand the problem it was designed to solve, and this requires knowledge of Lean thinking.

25th January 2016

GuideSmiths are delivering a talk in Madrid on Thu, 3rd of March 2016. The talk will be titledCarving Up Legacy with Microservices. The talk will also be streamed live on the day.

5th August 2014

Yes, this article has a cheesy title, but it is appropriate. Trust me. In the computer development business, almost everything we do is a sequel or a remake. Think about it, when was the last time you really started with a blank page rather than basing your work on a previous example?

27th July 2014
20th July 2014

The most frequent question I am asked about microservices is how small should they be. This is the wrong question. It’s not the lines of code that matter, but whether the service does one thing and does it well.

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