GuideSmiths sponsor St Albans youth football team

GuideSmiths are very proud to sponsor St Albans City Youth u13s football team.

I'm very proud to announce GuideSmiths sponsorship of St Albans City u13s football team.

St Albans City u13s team manager James Longbottom asked if I'd be interested in sponsoring a local football team. I didn't think twice about it as I grew up playing in football teams from the age of five. I've lived in St Albans for the past eleven years and was only too happy to give something back to the local community. I recognise how important being part of a team was in my younger days and these lessons still influence my life today.

It was obvious to see the team spirit and the positive regard the team have for each other. These all match perfectly with GuideSmiths values. I'm looking forward to seeing the team develop over the next two years.

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