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8th May 2018

Software development company GuideSmiths are quickly establishing themselves as a key player in the software development arena.

11th January 2018

A blog about whether React Native and whether it's a good fit for your business needs.

2nd January 2018

A blog about businesses struggling to break away from painfully slow release cycles.

30th December 2017

A blog about the business benefits of a microservices as an integral part of your transformation toolset

17th November 2017

A blog about outsourcing software development and some tips on what to look for in the selection of the right partner.

22nd October 2017

GuideSmiths Hungarian team bi-annual hackathon and BBQ was a great success and the perfect opportunity to bring the team together for some fun, food and competitive coding!

22nd October 2017

GuideSmiths are very proud to sponsor St Albans City Youth u13s football team.

27th June 2017

Web applications often require interaction with APIs in order to retrieve and update data. Unfortunately additional API calls might make your application sluggish, especially with poor connectivity. Optimistic updates is a technique which allows you to build fast-feeling and highly responsive web applications.

5th June 2017

As your React application grows in terms of functionality, handling the state and its updates in a clean way becomes more and more important. This chapter will cover a library that allows you to have better control of the side effects of your React application.

15th May 2017

React is an increasingly popular JavaScript framework for building isomorphic web applications. It is developed and used by Facebook and became my favorite choice for web applications since I started using it a couple of years ago. This series will run through the various parts of a React application.

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